What you need to know about this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn – December 2022 – January 2023

Collage for Mercury Retrograde, December 2022 – January 2023

As if the holiday season wasn’t chaotic enough, it’s time another Mercury retrograde. This will take place on December download on the App store between th, 2023,

and January th,

. Mercury retrogrades always bring their own tricks and delays, but not all retrogrades are created equal. While we can expect the planet of communication to settle into its usual travels from late December to mid-January, this retrograde opens on a gentle note. Read on to learn more.

This Mercury retrograde starts next to VenusMercury stations are retroactive to

1. 30 I PT in December . A few hours later, 5. 212 am PT

, Mercury will join Venus, the planet of love, connection and beauty. While the usual chaos will be present, this transit provides a sense of generosity and goodwill. When Mercury and Venus join forces, it’s a love letter. It’s pillow talk. It’s a compliment you really mean that makes someone else’s day. With Mercury retrograde, words might go wrong, or you might be late to that date or New Year’s Eve party, but this vulnerable display of your humanity is actually kind of endearing.

The other part of this retrograde. it takes place in the Earth sign Capricorn, known for stability and perseverance. It’s not that things can’t go awry in this sign, but a semblance of order remains. The will to solve the problem. A map to put the pieces back together.

Start the year slow

Now, this Mercury retrograde is not isolated. Mars is retrograde in Gemini (a sign ruled by Mercury) since October th, 212. So far this has coincided with some controversy on certain social media platforms as one of the main ones has taken over and exposed itself while Mars is retrograde. Since then, we’ve seen users cleverly subvert the system (creating impersonator accounts to take down big companies), as well as an exodus of employees due to massive layoffs and layoffs. Mars retrograde ends in January Collage for Mercury Retrograde, December 2022 – January 2023th, about a week before the end of Mercury’s retrograde in January 14 It will take months for Mars to regain speed, and at least a few weeks for Mercury to regain momentum. If possible, we will do well to follow this model. Don’t rush into the New Year with a daunting list of resolutions to chase. your goals can be harder to maintain if you take on too much, too soon. If two planets are retrograde at the beginning of the year, you can expect delays. You can expect mistakes. Do yourself a favor by welcoming these slowdowns with self-compassion. It means. set realistic goals with realistic timelines that include room for rest and, despite your best efforts, repeat. Mercury and Mars retrogrades remind us that we are not robots. Our divine programming includes margins for error. And so it should be.

Reflect the past in the year

You may or may not remember , that 2023 also began with the retrograde of Mercury. January 12 th and on February 3, 2023 Some of this retrograde also happened in Capricorn, so you may notice echoes back then. Comb through old magazines, calendars, emails. emails or text threads and remind yourself what was on your mind at the time. Notice what comes back for more understanding or healing, and affirm yourself for what you’ve learned or resolved.

Even if you don’t notice flashbacks to last year at the beginning, during this period 2023 at the end and at the beginning of Collage for Mercury Retrograde, December 2022 – January 2023 it will be ripe for you to think about all forms grown and matured in the past 12 month . That’s the best way to use Mercury retrogrades, especially ones that bridge two years like this one. Acknowledging your lessons and accomplishments will make you feel fulfilled, grateful, and resourceful when you log in 2023 .

Our Mercury reverse survival guide


    • Be extra thoughtful and patient when contact occurs. Is it worth saying something out loud or is it enough to scribble it in your journal?

      Remember to focus on long-term solutions as much as possible. Actions taken in the heat of the moment are rarely conducive to your future well-being. Collage for Mercury Retrograde, December 2022 – January 2023 Pause, relax, and take a deep breath when in doubt (or frustration).

        Expect delays and plan for extra time for everything. When things are running smoothly, you’ll have extra space to relax and enjoy.

            Laugh at yourself when you make obvious mistakes. The point of this transit is to remember that you are not above learning your lessons. Take this time as a way to simplify your life and refresh your systems (both internal and external).

                Reflect, edit, organize, revise, review and notice what you naturally return to or remember during this time.

                    Go to the “This Week” tab on the CHANI app homepage for weekly resources on how to work with the lessons that Mercury retrograde brings you. Check the “Transits” in the App tab to find out if Mercury will affect your birth chart placement. You can also read your free Current Sky Horoscope for Mercury in Capricorn to find out how your particular sign will be affected.


                    Fear Mercury retrograde. It may hurt, but remember that worrying is just focusing on what you

                    do not want .

                        Buy tickets or plan events during this time if you can avoid it. If you can’t, plan for the fact that some changes will need to be made after the retrograde period ends. And maybe during it.

                            Plan big launches or major changes during this time if you can help it you don’t plan to do them when Mercury is kazimi. (Cazimi will be strong from 7:00 PM on January 6th to 3:00 PM on January 7th, but you may want to work with an astrologer to get the best possible timing.) Put your life on hold. There are some things you should put off if you can, but otherwise, just leave a little wiggle room for the hiccups. Again, you should not fear this moment, instead be wise about it.

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