Werewolf Moon for 01/04/2023

The Gemini Moon rising to the Wolf Moon on Friday is like a werewolf in mid-transition, neither quite human nor canine, but somewhere in between. Although civilized and chatty, we rely on our animal instincts to tell us from enemy to friend, and to help us protect or enjoy territory and our natural environment.

ARIES (March -April 11 )). Differences are not the cause of stress, disagreement is. You choose the peaceful path, accepting that the world is a diverse place without questioning everything that is different.

TAURUS (April -May 20). Take the time to work out a deal, but don’t get bogged down in semantics, as they are the least important aspect of the game. Negotiation is about coming into harmony with the other party and learning what you can agree on.

GEMINI (May 20 )- June 20). You are focused on finding your next opportunity, which will lead you to exciting scenarios created for you. Since you believe that you will be lucky, you will find luck everywhere. ). Until you’ve been in a real-life experience, you just don’t know. That’s why even though you have a hard time relating to someone’s choices, you assume they have their reasons and let it go.

LEO (July – Aug. 24). Whether the deal is better for you or the other person is beside the point. You seek to create interactions that enhance the quality of your bonds. This principle will lead you to many profitable exchanges.

VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sept. ). Pretend you can psychically read the other person. What information do you imagine you are getting? Allow yourself to guess and suddenly you will find yourself with strong intuitive guidance.

LIBRA (Sep. -Oct. ). When you speak your truth, people will think you are brave. What they don’t understand is that you are too passionate not to say what’s on your mind. It would be much more difficult to remain silent. : Emotionally, you are like a sea creature. You’re not afraid of open water, but the shallows can be dangerous. You will avoid the beach trying to understand the depths of those who have depths to understand.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 20- Dec. 20 )). Your dreams are like a net that you cast out into the air and periodically bring back to find out what they caught. New people, places and things will populate your life thanks to today’s efforts and strategies.

CAPRICORN (Dec. )-Jan. 11). Pleasure is not the absence of pain. Similarly, doing enough is not nearly enough for your mood.

JRHOS (January 20-February 20 ) ). Someone wants you to conform to their wishes, which may annoy you, but in another way you find their conviction admirable. It also inspires you to understand what you want. There is a possibility of an overlap of interests.

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20 ) ). You can see the end goal in your mind’s eye and this helps you to be persistent. You would have lost heart long ago without this clarity of vision. Draw a picture for someone who has trouble seeing like you. Bright eyes light your way. You don’t have to work at it. You have been optimistic every day for years and can easily see miracles wherever you are. Profitable deals come from creative, risky and fun business. More important events. living near loved ones, hassle-free vacations and exotic travel. Gemini and Cancers adore you. Your lucky numbers are 21, 1, 11, 5 and


APPLAUSE PROFILES. Capricorn Louis Braille changed the world with his invention of tactile writing, adaptable to almost any language. Brail was a determined Capricorn, with Mercury also in Capricorn and Venus in forward-thinking Aquarius. As a tribute to his achievements, NASA named the asteroid “24 Braille” in the innermost regions of the asteroid belt.

Credit Holiday Mathis at HolidayMathis.com.

Photo credit: Snap_it on Pixabay