Horoscopes for Venus in Aquarius, 2023


Read your horoscope for Venus in Aquarius Venus in Aquarius beckons you to love the unconventional Venus will be in Aquarius from January 2nd through January 26th. When the planet of love and relationships enters the fixed air sign, our affections get entangled with experimental ideals. Venus in Aquarius is the witch in the lab … Read more

Horoscopes for Jupiter in Aries, 2022 – 2023


December 20th, 2022 – May 16th, 2023 Jupiter in Aries kickstarts our blessings On December 20th, Jupiter re-enters Aries. This is part two of a thriller that played out between May 10th – October 27th/28th, 2022. Now we’re ready for the sequel — a five-month joyride that won’t visit Aries again for another 12 years. … Read more