Cat Moon Waltz for 01/08/2023


The Cosmic Ballroom features three lucky waltzes and plenty of room on the dance floor for all attendees. No need to mate; just step into the glare of light and move as you do. The Leo Moon encourages creativity, as does an enlightened parent, a generous audience, and a supportive partner. ARIES (March 22-April 22 … Read more

Full Moon After Party for 01/07/2023


If you thought your New Year’s party was hard to clean up after, the day after the Wolf Moon may be an equal competitor for your vacuum cleaner. With a full moon in a water sign, the messy evidence of a party is more on an emotional level, so a vacuum of the soul is … Read more

Wolf Moon for 01/06/2023


Archaeological evidence 30, 18 years prove that dogs were the first domesticated animals, long before horses, cows, goats, cats, etc. Perhaps that is why we equate the howl of our ancient soul and inner animal with the howl of a wolf. The dog’s instincts of love, obedience, order, work and play are alive tonight. ARIES … Read more

Countdown to the Wolf Moon for 01/05/2023


Hours after the Wolf Moon, it’s time to brainstorm themes for this lunar phenomenon. Consider your animal self and what that creature needs for vitality. Your cravings, impulses, and attractions are the best thing you have about staying in great shape. The best is not a domesticated animal, but an integrated one. ARIES (March 19-April … Read more

Werewolf Moon for 01/04/2023


The Gemini Moon rising to the Wolf Moon on Friday is like a werewolf in mid-transition, neither quite human nor canine, but somewhere in between. Although civilized and chatty, we rely on our animal instincts to tell us from enemy to friend, and to help us protect or enjoy territory and our natural environment. ARIES … Read more

Quadrantids shower for 01/03/2023


Five hundred years ago, a comet broke up, and we still enjoy the aftermath during the annual Quadrantids meteor shower. In the Northern Hemisphere, a shower can be seen with the naked eye very high in the sky near the North Star on a dark, cloudless morning before sunrise. You can also listen to brilliant … Read more

Love is getting smarter for 02/01/2023


Love is accused of having restless qualities, being stupid, blind, violent, puppyish, reckless, battlefield, illusion, etc. One thing love isn’t often accused of is being smart. Venus transiting into the intellectual realm of Aquarius is unusual and refreshing. What enlightens the heart also enlightens the mind. ARIES (March 20-April ). The world has changed since … Read more

Janus rules for 01/01/2023


By all accounts, Janus is a beautiful goddess if you can get over the double face. The first month of the year is named after the two-faced goddess who adorned the entrances of buildings and years, one face looking to the future, the other to what is left. Venus resonates with Janus as she prepares … Read more

Space Closing Address for 2022 on 12/31/2022


The last day of the year has the feeling of a road trip. we try to capture what we can of life blurring through the window. But who is really moving? It’s not the world, it’s us. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get off at the exit to explore on foot … Read more

Mercurial mischief for 12/30/2022


The thing about spending time with whimsical, bubbly people is that after you’ve been floating in the colorful sky together, it’s pretty hard to go back to the world of sidewalk walking. That’s why it’s better to be that kind of person than to keep finding or chasing him. Mercury retrograde inspires whimsical disturbances. ARIES … Read more