Alignment of the Moon with Saturn on 26.12.2022

It takes brain power to function in the moment, but not much. With a brain the size of a walnut, the crocodile is a fast and furious predator. Whether he can dream, plan, regret last week or plan for next year is doubtful. A lunar conjunction in intellectual Aquarius favors subtle, long-term strategies that require a big brain and a big heart.

ARIES (March 24 – April ) . Although your family role gives you a strong identity, it doesn’t fully encompass you. Today’s experience allows you to see more of who you are outside of your role, which will change your self-perception in interesting ways.

TAURUS (April – May 21). For essentials like lunches and parachutes, it’s best to pack your own. The more confident you are, the better able you are to influence outcomes in the direction you choose.

GEMINI (May 24 – June 20). Do everything possible to keep everyone on track. And when that’s not possible, accept what opens with grace. Live in the moment. Try not to stress over time that is beyond your control. ). Before committing, ask a lot of questions about what will be required of you, the investment of money, effort and time frame as well. These questions prevent disappointment or resentment.

LEO (July 20-Aug. ). Even when you dedicate hours to a project and try your best to protect the time slot, sometimes life gets in the way. This is not a test of your resolve, rather it is a test of priority and an opportunity to focus on what is important.

VIRGO (Aug. -Sept. 20). You may not be able to seize the opportunity sooner, but you can certainly do your best to be ready for it when it comes. Think about what habits will get you in the best shape for the moment.

LIBRA (Sept. -Oct. ). You’ll enjoy a sense of continuity as everything picks up where it left off. Relationships and efforts show progress. Nothing feels forced or rushed. Everything moves at an easy pace.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 20). Sometimes the best way to give your energy to the world is to focus it inward. Don’t forget, you are part of the world. Giving of yourself will bring as much peace to the big picture as anything else you can do today.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 20-Dec. 20 ). There are many options and opportunities available to you now. Although you are serious about the success of your venture, you will use humor to lighten the way. Your charm will be irresistible to some.

CAPRICORN (December 20 – January ). You align your offerings with what is needed and desired from you, which creates a powerful alignment. Is this a pleasant enough task to continue? The magic ingredient will be persistence of effort.

AQUARIUS (January 20-Feb. ). You paid too much for the resources you needed because you weren’t in a strong position to choose. Now your situation has changed and you would be wise to get a new deal.

PISCES (Feb. 20 )-Mar. 20). Your imagination is so powerful that it will not only take you from here to there, but it will take you beyond the directions you once considered and into the change that is possible because you dare to dream bigger.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (December ) The coming seasons are full of mystery and wonder. You will connect with interesting new people, satisfy your curiosities, and carry out ambitious missions. Your core circle will expand both in numbers and in the amount of love and trust flowing through your world. More highlights: pleasant correspondence, a profitable new venture, and seven unforgettable weekends. Aries and Aquarius adore you. Your lucky numbers are 7, 20, 3, and .

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