In 1987, Creators was founded as an independent media and syndication company. Since then, Creators has represented more than 250 of the most talented writers and artists in the world. Our talent has won an industry-leading number of Pulitzer Prizes, Reuben awards, and Peabody awards. As technology and consumer interests have evolved, Creators have adapted. Remaining unapologetically tied to our journalistic roots, we launched a book publishing division in 2012. Since then, we have published more than 170 collection books and original manuscripts under three different imprints. We believe that the written word is what connects humanity and we seek to publish storytellers who strengthen that connectedness.


Everyone has stories, opinions, and unique perspectives. Our job is to pull out their best versions and share them. We syndicate talented and award-winning writers and artists. We edit, sell and distribute their columns and comic strips worldwide. We publish books. We find compelling storytellers and help them craft their narrative, distributing their novels and collections worldwide.